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Windows with grills

The windows with bars are seen daily in original and modern house designs, finding all kinds of formats and materials that combine both aluminum windows and with wooden windows.

The bars are one of the main security for households, as much or more than the number of alarms and security systems. In short they are made of tough and durable material that covers the surface of income right of the openings of the house offering greater security when you leave the house alone for some reason.

Using the bars for windows is also a very useful alternative when you have children at home. These naughty little fear nothing and don’t care the risk of falling or danger.

A nice sliding curtain within the line of windows grill will be the perfect decorative addition.

naughty little fear nothing and don’t care the risk of falling or danger

Of course, the idea of putting bars on the decorative openings is a challenge so we suggest some guidelines to follow:

The style of the housing is a relevant factor, for example classical structures will be better with scrolls baroque designs and drawings, preferably high quality materials like iron while for modern styles aluminum bars or steel, painted in keeping with the house colors go very well.

Using the bars for windows is also a very useful alternative when you have children at home

The bars are one of the main security for households

If you want the windows to have discovered, you can place recessed bars to fold or extend as needed. They take up minimal space and allow you to enjoy a clear and comprehensive vision.

There are different trellis systems: fixed lattices bulwarks in front of windows, grills one or two leaves for opening locks, shutter type locking bars top and bottom, folding bars.

Finally and especially if there are children in the house, you must take care that the designs do not facilitate climbing bars of it, since children love to climb, the grid would become another risk in itself.

The doors and windows with bars are a necessity today to protect your family from external uncertainties. So, find a design that suits the style of decoration of the house that look good and be sufficiently robust.

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PVC windows Maintenance

Today, the installation of PVC windows business remains a steady growth in everywhere. PVC products are becoming increasingly widespread.
However, despite the image of toughness the PVC requires care and maintenance to avoid deterioration.
PVC windows Maintenance
PVC is a material that still does not affect the salinity of the sea. It is also highly recommended in environments aggressive and insensitive to humidity. The average lifespan of PVC is about 50 years. These features facilitate conservation, but we must still remove dirt and care.
To keep it in good condition you must follow cleaning guidelines to lubricate moving parts containing your window once or twice a year at least as well as clean the profiles once a month.
These windows have vent slots, which must be kept open and clean so they can fulfill its function at all times. The profiles should be cleaned with a cloth moistened in soap and it is important to clarify thoroughly with water so there is no soap residue. Also, joints and gums should be cleaned with soap and water, rinsing in the same way we did with the seals. You should lubricate all parts at least twice a year and clean all the metal elements of your window.
As part of maintaining your window, you should ventilate the room at least 2 times a day to seal each window. It is also recommended to get 3 or 4 times a day in geographical areas where moisture is more present and more so.