Bathroom decoration with polka dots

The bathrooms can be an ideal stay to let your imaginations. You can, for example, decorate this room with a fun polka dot print or modern style bathroom tiles as the lunar or polka dots and modern bathroom tiles are very fashionable and good looking.

If you are adventurous, you can try the walls or the floor, and is that in the market there is a myriad of options to find a plating such drawings. Also, if you prefer the smooth walls and floor, you can choose to find a piece of furniture that has spots for all your doors and sides, which give excellent results.

To clean the tiles of the bathroom just need a sponge and a can of soda

As for colors, since we opted for a decoration rather striking, try to find colors that are not too blur unless you count a bathroom large enough not to overwhelm.

However, not everyone dares such prints. For this reason, there are more subtle solutions when decorating with polka dot bathing. We can, for example, opt for textiles. Search and towels, bathrobes, bath mats or even in which these fun drawings scattered around the web.

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On the topic of textiles can be a little more daring. If your bathroom is white or even if you touch wood, you can choose bright tones attempting to give some pizzazz, like the typical red print with white polka dots, or vice versa.

there are more subtle solutions when decorating with polka dot bathing

Do not think that the textile, furniture and walls summarizes the only ways to add spots to the bathroom. There are many different collections for this stay. The most diverse objects, such as soap dispensers, hair driers or hand mirrors.

If your bathroom is white or even if you touch wood, you can choose bright tones attempting to give some pizzazz

What is clear is that if you choose to add this type of decor to bathroom, you will surely get a place that your visits will admire and filled with joy in the morning.

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How to decorate a girl room

Home decorating is a very funny. But decorating the home of a single girl without a doubt is even better. Imagine a little pink in the bedroom, pastel colors in the kitchen, quilts with flowers, very feminine accessories and a dream bathroom. Well, now stop imagining because it is possible.

Living female

Dreamy Apartment brought some interior design ideas especially dedicated to girls who like an attractive and looking for a feminine colors home decorating and accessories with more romantic.

Are you interested in this idea? Do not miss our suggestions.

The Pink Kitchen


decorating the home of a single girl

What about this kitchen? Nothing is more feminine and romantic that a combination of pastel colors.

The idea is to complete the decor with certain appliances colors: pink, blue or ecru. In case you cannot get a refrigerator or an oven in those pastel colors you can paint them.

Notice the marble slab that has been chosen.

Living female

decorating the home of a single girl
Making a living female is not as difficult as it seems. My recommendation is to use a wallpaper for the walls and a large sofa in shades of pink with a few cushions to complete. You can combine other colors, and drop tables corner units, and beautiful accessories to complement the decor of the living.

Do not miss this romantic living.

Guest Bedroom


If you’ve used a pastel pink throughout the home, why not choose other colors for the guest bedroom? Thereby change a bit using an unexpected combination.

The best idea is to use a green apple. It is certainly the perfect choice to paint the guest room. Complemented with matching quilts, rugs in tune, pictures, a mirror.


Master bedroom

choose other colors for the guest bedroom
We have reached the master bedroom. And what room is it? As you can see, the idea of the image is to place a large wardrobe. After all, we are decorating a room female, right? So certainly we are fully excused.

The clothing can even be used as a decorative motif. A giant bed is the best choice for a room as large as this. Do not forget to decorate the walls of the most romantic way possible. To do a wallpaper with clear motives is always the best choice.

How about this decoration? Innovative, right? And above all very feminine. Take some ideas and use them in your home decor. The end result can be captivating.