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Strawberry Color: A Good Choice For Decorating In The Living Room

There is no doubt that there are many options you can implement when it comes to decorating your home, but one of the easiest things to get a different and original style without having to make major changes at home is giving it a touch of color to the walls of the rooms.

An example of this type of decoration is the one you see in the photo above, in which the color strawberry becomes the real protagonist of the decor

It is clear that one of the best ways to decorate home with style and with a very original and truly betting staff are brightly colored, which by themselves, and give it a personality style to the decor.

An example of this type of decoration is the one you see in the photo above, in which the Strawberry Color becomes the real protagonist of the decor. What do you think? Since then, the proposal is very original, and can be a perfect alternative to enjoy a different and very cozy.

In addition, a key to get a result even more unusual is to combine the wall color of the room furniture. For example in this case we have chosen a brown couch, in detail also in Strawberry Color, which is really good and that blends perfectly with the wall, giving a sense of unity to the very successful stay.

And do not have to choose fuchsia, since there are a lot of very original colors and style, like throwing blue turquoise. What is your proposal?

Baby Room

Ideas to decorate your baby’s room

If you are preparing for baby room, you probably have questions related to the different possibilities that can give this room over time and so today we will give you some ideas for decorating this place your home wisely.

Ideas to decorate your baby's room

Always use basic color elements that allow you to unite the decor, such as white, cream and light gray.

When selecting furniture that will be part of the small room considering that these are comfortable for you, because you will spend a good part of your time sustaining it. Select basic colors furniture to later integrate new decorations you make in this room as the child grows.

Includes a device to listen to music that you can use the baby to sleep and stories and mobile allowing you to relax when watching your move in the breeze.

Ideas to decorate your baby's room

Buy a dresser furniture that allows you to organize the girl’s clothes. Room furniture integrates with stretches organizers to keep everything you need in order toys, personal care products, etc..

Give a cozy feel to the room by adding a carpet the color of your choice based on the colors used in the rest of the decor. Includes a bench or chair to place next to the crib for those days when you’re tired or you want to enjoy the nights until you fall asleep.

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Oriental-style dining room coffee table

Eastern culture remains, for Westerners, as exotic and fascinating. The rituals at mealtime, for example, saved hundreds of meanings that are beyond your habitual way of acting. Chopsticks for rice, tea ceremony, body posture, gestures, special shoes that cover the Japanese home covered with bamboo mats or tatami. In this case, we will describe how it has to be a dining room with oriental style coffee table: More than a new perspective to the dinner.

Oriental-style dining room coffee table

If you have decided to give your room an oriental style is because you love minimalism. Especially if Japan’s decorating that you love. As you know, they eat sitting around tables very low squat position, knees or in the lotus position. One reason for this tradition is the fact that their homes use the bare minimum of furniture and space. After dinner, the same room will serve as a bedroom.

Basic Oriental decor
A dining room with oriental style coffee table should be accompanied by sophisticated neutral colors and a resounding simplicity in the details and objects are included. The Japanese are practicing meditation par excellence, so you should be inspired by Zen philosophy, lines stripped in conditions that, in a word, invite relaxation. The colors according to the Japanese culture are:
Pale pink
Bright green

In turn, you can place cushions around the coffee table in your dining oriental style. You can use screens in pale colors, paper lanterns, bamboo mats, candles. Another detail that completes this style of decoration are wood floors, a symbol of warmth.

Coffee tables: how to accompany
A comprehensive adaptation to this look for your dining room can be taken into account, in addition to the coffee table, the proximity of modern furniture air, line, light wood. The oriental style furniture can also be rustic, or craft. The important thing is that first the idea of detail and savings.

For this part, Feng Shui can give you many choices for your dining respond to the harmony of the Orient. The pictures are typical Japanese calligraphy, flowers, water fountains. Other options to add are the shades of paper, delicate floral, printed fabrics, fans.