Bedroom Teenage Bedroom

Teenage girls’ Bedrooms

For the teenage girls, sleeping with photos, there are some ideas to decorate the bedroom of a teenage girl, eighties style, romantic, modern.

Teenage girls’ Bedrooms

A teenage girl’s bedroom with colorful style. The white, pink , red, orange. White canopy bed, white tables, white walls, red soil.

Orange chair. Bedding in floral print in the same tones. A color blind strawberry notes on the white wall. Several plain-colored pillows or flowers on the bed. 70s-Style carpet in circles of color.


You see on photo 1, teenage girl’s room decorated with furniture in retro design with the printing type cow. Black and white decor, contrasting with the blue wall. Carpets of white hair. Wardrobe, dresser furniture, white curtains and comfortable. The quilted fabric spindle also in white.


Teenage girls’ Bedrooms

A room with strawberry pink and fuchsia. Funky design furniture, a desk chair in white with pink.


Teenage girls’ Bedrooms

A teen bedroom with high ceilings in beige, has a ladder and a third bed up. Downstairs twin like, “Princess” curtains and bed head done in quilted.

Decoration Japanese influence in olive green and dark green wall. Minimalist design and cries very low. Most of the modern teenage girls like this type of design.

A teenage girl bedroom with contemporary design in red and white. Bed, desk, shelves.

Alice in Wonderland or Goldilocks, blue and white hearts. A room style Shabby chic, ideal for teenagers or girls.

Teenage girls’ Bedrooms

Here are some more tips for yourself to design to meet the demand of modern mind. Imagine yourself and test your taste. Decoration style retro hippie , colorful, circles, flowers . lamp retro design. The white and acid colors, orange, lime green, pink and pale blue.

A functional room with a nice nest in white bed. Pink in various details and the silver in the ottoman and cushions.

The turquoise and white for a bright and modern room. Bed, table, work space and storage. A bright room with white walls and floors in pearl gray.


A room for teenage girl who likes modern and simple design. Dark colors in a room with natural light.

Wood paneling, a table to the wall, a desk beside the bed in white. The white bed linens with green moss. The carpet of green hair oil. The decoration is abundant drawings comics and white objects contrast with the dark wood.


The other bedroom in turquoise and white ivory. With two shelves on either side of the bed, desk and plenty of storage.