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Decoration Ideas With Flowers For Your Bedroom

If there is something that gives joy immediately to an environment are the flowers. No matter if they are real, painted, photographed, even if they are in pots, in vases, framed or hung.

In the bedroom the textile flowers can help to create a romantic, sophisticated and elegant. Small flowers for a touch shabby chic, large, colorful flowers for rustic styles, coordinated flowers and stripes in classic environments, or flowers in shades of gray, white and black or dark brown golden environments combined urban or baroque.

Not only textile or natural flowers can help you to create all these environments. A wall papered or scrim, a large photograph of one or more flowers, pictures, stickers, dried flowers, flowers painted on the wall.

It is also very fashionable decorating a wall with silhouettes of flowers or branches

Although it is usually recommended that the rooms are spaces with a serene and relaxed decor conducive to rest, you can not forget that it is also the most intimate room, and it is important that you feel good, to provide you with good energy. This environment is a space where you can express your creativity.

A trend increasingly rising to bring a bit of nature to your room is used, several flowers but not a great floor. On the wall in the comforter, composing a triptych or several tables with the same motive, like a newly armed puzzle.

a large photograph of one or more flowers, pictures, stickers, dried flowers, flowers painted on the wall

It is also very fashionable decorating a wall with silhouettes of flowers or branches. If done in a single color, the elegance of your bedroom is guaranteed and the resulting atmosphere is serene and elegant. The options, as you see, there are many what you choose for your bedroom?

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The bamboo bowls: the exotic invites for dinner

Used for interior decoration, bamboo can also provide an exotic atmosphere at the table. Focus on Bamboo bowls.

The bowl stained bamboo leaves reflected the different layers of bamboo, with the transparency of the glaze applied to its exterior. Its interior is, in turn, coated with varnish food. This allows it to withstand food served at different temperatures. It is recommended not to ask the microwave oven, washing it by hand and dry it after washing to maintain its softness and radiance. This type of bowl is hand crafted by artisans in Vietnam, according to the rules of fair trade.


The bamboo bowls the exotic invites for dinner


The lacquered bamboo bowl, falling into the category of wooden dishes, is made from 100% natural bamboo by Vietnamese artisans. This bowl is full of quality by being beautiful, natural and sustainable. Its natural and its color will provide a fashionable air travel to your home. The model is designed for foods such as salad dressing, but also hot. It may also include appetizers like cookies or fruit. It is available in size 17 x 22 cm.

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Tableware: decorate the table to receive a pleasure

Entertaining is an art that can also be fun. These tips will help you prepare your table with taste, refinement and joy to pleasantly surprise your guests.

To create an intimate atmosphere, play simplicity with a personalized decoration. Play with colors by mixing bright pastel colors. For dishes, sobriety is a must: the colorful porcelain plates or drawings, simple or engraved glass. You have a choice between putting a table cloth or simply use a table runner if your table is made from a material of good quality such as wood or marble that you can expose.

decorate the table to receive a pleasure

Surprise your guests by taking as placemat pictures of them printed on thick paper. You can also put their name on each plate through boxes of different colors, cut into geometric shapes. Unleash your artistic talents and imagination. To brighten your table, prefer lanterns or candles you have placed in vases filled with pebbles.