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Modern round tables in various materials

One way I like to introduce in the house are the round tables, that are quite comfortable for me that a round shape give a sense of having more space on the site where they were placed. When you sit at the table to eat, is a much more familiar environment because no one is displaced and the whole world can see.

Modern round tables in various materials

This modern glass table, consists of a rotating inner plate, so you can turn if someone needs to take something without having to leave the table or having to stretch the arm with the consequent danger disadvantage that a glass or bottle and spread over the table.

The table top is made ​​of clear glass, colored glass or white lacquered natural stone. The base is made ​​of a steel tube in polished chrome on a black base of the mold or a glass plate.

Another option provides the foundation stone made ​​of 3 wings. This base varies in size according to the diameter of the table top.

Modern round tables in various materials

The other table is interesting to put in a kitchen that has a large area devoted to food, also can be placed in the dining room has modern lines but above all that ay be taken into account when placing is that you have available space.

Your space is designed to be placed 4 to 8 places. The outer ring turns the table, enhancing their aesthetic and functional.


This one also of modernist design but with a little air series is ideal for a dining room, where visits with family or friends are great and you need a table where you put all everything on it. Its feature is that it is extensible, based stainless steel epoxy lacquered.

Its capacity is for eight guests, but its peculiarity is that unfolds in a circle, ie you do not run an oval table, but that their design makes that it is a large round table.

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