Rubber mats

The rubber mats are one of the many variants you have to place in your home, this time you propose some attractive examples for carpets using traditional and sometimes using recycled materials to build on what you do not use at home and give them a new use.

Rubber Carpet puffs

You can make a fun craft foam mat or shed using polypropylene, once chosen the material performed on it will use the designs and then choose can be butterflies, leaves, flowers, hearts, animals, etc.., use scissors or cutter and work carefully removing the clippings. This rug is ideal for use as floor coverings for children’s bedroom, it is very easy to perform and provide a nice decoration.

Foam rubber mats felt balls

We will use a foam base for conducting this rug can be the desired size and shape, then start with making felt balls, use all the cuts that you were from other crafts, cut the material into small pieces using scissors, grab a certain amount between hands and wet the felt with water mixed with white soap, make hands using a scoop, drain and keep giving shape once obtaining the desired number of balls, allowed to dry thoroughly and then applied to the base foam with the help of an adhesive. This type of carpet is used to place in different areas of the home, the final work is truly amazing.

Bath Rugs

To make this rug use old towels or rubber, the latter material has the advantage of not forming fungi. Start cutting strips of the material chosen, then begin to tie on a desired size grid mat, it is important to make sure it is straight tied to give a better finish to the carpet, you can play with different colors and designs

The kitchen rugs, dining room, living room, bedrooms and bathrooms are always a great resource to generate an attractive decoration, the use of carpets, while highlighting a section of home, provides various utilities, insulation for cold, fun and games for children and even rubber mats to welcome your visitors, the sum craft perform them great satisfaction just knowing they were made with your own hands is priceless.