Carpet and rug

Choosing the perfect carpet for stairs

The rugs are a great solution to decorate and protect the stairs, as well as make them more secure against possible slippage. The wide variety of materials and designs available makes it difficult the selection of the carpet perfect, which is precisely matched to the characteristics of each ladder. This simple guide will help you choose the best option for your staircase carpet and completely revamp the look of your foyer or hall.

Choosing the best carpet for stairs

Tips for choosing a stair carpet
Width: Carpet should be wide enough to cover most of the stairs, revealing approximately four inches on each side. The width of the carpet may be decreasing slightly in the event that the steps be varying its length.
Length: The length of the ladder should be sufficient to cover the entire surface of each step, including the front and the recesses. Take the steps carefully to know the exact amount you need. The carpets are sold per meter, so do not hesitate to buy a little more for any unexpected events at the facility.

Material: It is preferable to a flat carpet instead of soft, since the former is easily installed in all corners of the stairs and is safer to travel.

Style: To choose Color and design, seeks to coordinate the stair carpet with the rest of the mats and moquettes any room. Need not be exactly the same design, but in many cases using the same material as moquette to carpet steps. The new carpet must integrate harmoniously with the style and decor theme. The carpet edges are marked up an election infallible in matters of elegance.

Cleaning: The color is an important factor when it comes to maintenance and cleaning of the stairs. If the ladder is very busy, you should bet on dark carpets, preferably printed. If there is no risk of getting dirty easily, the colors clear are allowed, and in fact are always classic and elegant option.

Final touch: To give a neat finish and secure the ladder, you can also select an application of metal or wood to be placed in the corners where the steps are connected.