Furniture Design

Upholstered Wood Stools for Low Cost Decoration

If there is one aspect of decorating that best defines the personality of the inhabitants of a house, that are the fabrics, that is why we focusing on upholstery fabrics today. Some nice ideas for those who dress with elegance and freshness of spare seat as sofas, chairs, upholstered wood stools, ottomans, headboards among many other modern room furniture.

There really is no universal rule for choosing basic and upholstery furniture, as a general rule be borne in mind that light fabrics such as silk or satin, are not recommended to upholster. There is also the mistake of thinking that a fabric, the thicker the more resilient, this is not true, because a thin fabric can be more touch than another, but because of its structure and the length of the strings, it can be more resilient. Very effective advice is that, when choosing the upholstery fabric see the tissue sheet, where will its main features.

You know that not all fabrics used to upholster seats, since it is essential that support the wear, light stains and continuous washing, especially if they are located in children’s rooms in the house or if there are pets.

The fabrics made with 100% natural fibers are always more expensive and delicate, hence you find them mixed with synthetic fibers, in addition to having a good appearance, improve your stamina but age earlier in upholstery fabrics you can choose:

  • Linen
  • Cotton
  • Jacquard
  • Burlap
  • Velvet
  • Duffel
  • Chenille

For living rooms rustic decor, you can use cotton, especially in country houses, for its freshness and natural feel it is one of the materials used in upholstery. For a matrimonial bedroom decor both cotton and linen for upholstery, is an interesting choice, come in varieties of colors and prints to enhance favorably different household furniture.

From a couch until upholstered wooden benches, you can enhance and give a new look with modern upholstery fabrics, combining the colors with a nice, elegant and cheerful decor.