Decorating Small Bathrooms with Modern trends

Small bathrooms are always adapted to the needs of a single person, couple or small family of three. But from the moment the number of members living in the home increase, then it is necessary to have more space, either by building a second bathroom, enlarging current, or change of property, provided that the economic condition permits.

Decorating Small Bathrooms with Modern trends

For starters, taking into account the distribution of the bathroom, you start optimizing spaces, for this you can do is to opt for suspended elements, whether the toilet, a sink, a closet, the feeling of being suspended will make it look wider bathroom.

Another option you can consider is the placement of furniture, for example under sinks, these help to use the space and you can put the towels, robes and other necessities.

The mirror is one of the major players in the bathrooms with marble decor. And not only because of its countless uses (which requires good quality materials) but also by the seal stamping style in every room. The latest designs in bathroom mirrors to opt to give an artistic effect and impact to the pool area, offering options for all tastes, from minimalist to rustic materials forms. Check out the main trends in bathroom mirrors and give a contemporary twist to your decor.

Another option, the shelves, are a good way to save space in small bathrooms design with shower. Opt for long, elongated, or the corners, to fill up gaps. If you do not have room for doors, the furniture, open, save you the headache of making room for opening and closing doors.

Another idea to take advantage of spaces is to use wicker baskets. You can place them under the sink, on shelves, in corners the raffia are very chic and trendy designs in small bathrooms eco style.

Decorating Small Bathrooms with Modern trends

Sinks are more practical. If you do not have space for a towel, opt for a basin with a square base, which, on one side, you can place a steel rod simple as a towel rail. This reduction in space is very useful for smaller bathrooms, and can use the same trick with other accessories small modern bathroom design.