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    Savings Tips

    6 tips to save money for the summer holidays

    When the summer holidays are approaching we all imagine being enjoying the sand, the sun and the beach, or strolling through some big city or tourist point, but the economic reality sometimes truncates our plans. For this reason, it is essential to learn to save throughout the year that allows us to fulfill our dreams. Remember that your holidays cannot start the day you leave home, you must plan and save throughout the year so that you can fully enjoy this time of year without thinking about other daily concerns. So we share these 7 tips to save money for your next summer vacation.   GOAL TO SAVE First of…

  • Tips to save time in household cleaning

    Tips to save time in household cleaning

    The cleaning of house is something that just thinking about it exhausts me, so many things to clean and many details to keep in mind that just thinking about it makes my desire to go immediately to address this difficult task.   If you like something happens and you are always looking for excuses not to have to be thoroughly cleaned, then I’m sure you’ll love the tips or advice I will share with you today, as they are ideal to save time when cleaning our home.     Tips to save time in cleaning Cleaning the toaster: Unplugged. Remove the drawer in which are deposited the crumbs and wash…

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