• Rustic Home Decorating
    Home Design Idea,  Renovations

    Ideas to put a rustic touch to your home

    It is natural, warm and deeply welcoming. For something the rustic decor is fashionable. A style that you can recreate perfectly in your house with small details that make the difference to your home decoration. Because it is not necessary to have a house in the countryside to enjoy the charm of these environments. In DreamyApartment we explain how to put the rustic touch to home decoration in the city . Do you come to the countryside to breathe fresh air? Wooden beams and barn doors The country houses have traditional architectural elements that take great prominence in the decoration. A good example of this are high-rise ceilings and structures…

  • Tips for Decorating Your Living Room
    Design Trends and Styles,  Living Room

    Tips for Decorating Living Room

    Thinking about how to decorate living room with modern trends? The decorative possibilities of this space of the house are really endless. The different style of decoration allows you to express yourselves and liberate your creativity. So decorating this room is very important, which becomes the setting for family gatherings and in many cases, the receiver of the visits. Choose the furniture, materials and colors that inspire you. Trust your own feelings about the decor that will generate the best ideas for decorating your living room. Start with the basics: a comfortable couch, a versatile coffee table, curtains and a carpet of beautiful quality. Before painting and decorating is appropriate…

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