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The best ideas to renovate your kitchen

Are you thinking about renovating your kitchen? The truth is that today there are many alternatives that you can find in decoration magazines and in the work carried out by construction companies. That’s why it occurred to us that it would be a good idea to share a list with the best ideas to reform your kitchen . We hope you will be inspired.

There are many aspects that can make a difference when decorating the kitchen . Since the choice of colors is very important, also the choice of materials. The distribution of the kitchen is a very important point, where the ideal is to get the famous working triangle of which we have spoken on another occasion. Get inspired with these images and get a dream kitchen for your home.

White and turquoise kitchen
Stone walls that give warmth

Do not fall into the error of thinking that stone walls are only used in the most rustic environments. Yes, it is true that this type of material gives a more rural and welcoming appearance. However, the stone is able to brighten the most modern kitchens. Yes, there is no problem in combining it with white furniture and without handles, for example, or with microcement floors , so fashionable in today’s kitchens. Stone is a material that we can easily include in kitchen renovations.

Interior walls covered in stone

To get a stone wall you can opt for a natural stone cladding, which will undoubtedly look beautiful, but at the same time you should know that a reform of this type can be quite expensive. You can also choose decorative wall plaques that imitate the stone. It is not the same as natural stone but there are very real finishes.

More ideas to reform your kitchen: yellow as star color

Following with this list of the best ideas to reform your kitchen we must not leave aside the open kitchens . Although in the matter of the distribution of a kitchen, there are many factors that influence, we must be clear about the trends. Yes, open kitchens are the most seen today. Not only to create multifunctional environments that bring together the whole family, but also to take better advantage of the space of smaller houses.

It is not surprising that a small house tries to seek the unification of the kitchen with the living room or dining room. Aesthetically, as we see in these images, it looks very good. But in addition, we will be creating a much larger space for the human eye.

White and wood: the trend that never goes out of style

As far as colors are concerned, white is still king. We can not deny that white kitchens are still the most demanded by people. However, there is a clear trend around wood furniture . Moreover, in many cases, these two tones are combined to give rise to the combined kitchens, which are also a clear trend during our days. The good thing about this is that both wooden and white furniture are completely timeless.

The cooking islands can not be allowed by everyone. No, it is not that they have a prohibitive price, although it is true that they are an extra expense. Rather it is due to a space issue. However, if your kitchen accepts an island, do not think about it, place it. An island can be an extra surface for cooking, scrubbing or even an American-style bar for improvised dinners. As you see, they are all advantages.

White and wood: the trend that never goes out of style

More ideas to reform your kitchen: yellow as star color

If we talk about colors and textures, it was clear that white and wood win. However, there are tonalities that are hitting very hard lately and that, honestly, we love them. Yellow in all its variants is one of them. It is a cheerful color, ideal for this stay in the house. Place it on furniture or on kitchen fronts. As you can see, the result is a marvel.

Kitchen furniture in yellow

We hope you enjoy this selection of the best ideas to reform your kitchen and that will inspire you if you are building your house or if you are thinking of remodeling it. Thank you very much for following us!

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