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The culinary design delight the senses

In the kitchen, the design is as important as the taste and fragrance. That is why the great culinary design changes right now.

The dressing of a dish is an art. That is why the design is also famous culinary today. This discipline is to present the dishes and different foods in a pleasant and attractive. Founded by Marc Bretillot, professor at the Graduate School of Art and Design of Reims (ESAD), the processor design has existed for over 10 years. As the name suggests, it is based on the sight and taste. According to Marc Bretillot, the processor design provides multiple creations imaginable. All styles are permitted culinary design, but currently, contemporary trends are most appreciated.

The culinary design delight the senses

Through this discipline, consumers appreciate the sublime and creative images during the meal. The processor design has several features. First, it is fun and in addition, it addresses various themes and special, like pleasure, play, contemplation, emotional release, surprise and imagination to stimulate the appetite. The culinary design comes in two forms: advertising intended for general public, like posters who wear the perfect hamburger, as neither sauce or salad from overflowing, while the reality is different. The second form is the custom shape that is dedicated to a person or a public limited and well defined.

The food and decor are one!

That’s Marc Bellet, the true form of culinary design. All the elements come into play to be successful this form to perfection: the shapes, taste, smell, etc.. With this in mind, the culinary design creates a new job: the culinary designer who knows how to cook, create and invent dishes in original forms. This artist can do anything, he knows how to use everything. To learn this art, culinary design courses are now taught by Marc Bellet. The courses are designed to teach participants the art of drawing up the dishes in another form more aesthetic, more entertaining, more surprising and appetizing with the various tools of cuisine and cooking methods varied.

The processor design has also a practical side because it makes life easier for consumers. For example, cone-shaped waffles are pretty, but they are also easy to eat because they can hold hands without getting dirty. It may be that because of the shape and color, consumers do not recognize the raw material, to correct the names of the dishes evoke the ingredients. The processor design is a new trend that delights all the houses. It is clear that food tastes better when present in a harmonious and aesthetic. So when you receive, call a culinary designer for your meals are perfect and original. These specialists do their best to present the meal in a wonderful atmosphere. With culinary design, your dishes will turn into true works of art.

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