The decor of the corner: toilet decoration revisited

How long do we get to the toilet in a lifetime? According to studies of the World Toilet Organization: 3 years! We often attach little importance to this part of the house, yet it deserves as much attention as others. Today’s designers also revisit the toilet.

The decor of the corner toilet decoration revisited
Toilet paper

It is past the time when the toilet paper had a white sad. The papers are modern toilets on originality. Indeed, a toilet paper proposes Loo geek design fluorescent for those who like the looks flashy! At € 6.90 a roll, it’s a little fantasy that you can afford. In addition, it is handy in case of power failure. If you enjoy reading the toilet, there is also the toilet paper that serves book. It runs and reads as you go.

The reel

Do you like metal, raw and modern atmosphere at a time? Atylia has developed a toilet paper dispenser with metal in the shape of an accordion. Very modern, this reel will give a ”side” in this room that are found in all homes. For a toilet with a difference, get this little gadget for € 38.95. You may as well hang anything lying around in your pocket. Original and practical!



It can also be renovating the bathroom! A typical flush wastes about 100m3 of water each year. A huge number! Flushing economic considerably reduce this amount. To combine responsible fun, Griffin launches flush look at pop. Full color, this flush saves about 70% water. It’s good for the planet and for our invoice.


The throne

As the toilet paper and flush the toilet lid is no longer exclusively white. The images provide the most crazy now a touch of humor in your toilet. Whether you are or permanently rather bucolic pop, vintage and modern at any price, you will surely find a lid that will make you happy and brighten up your bathroom. At Gelco, the flaps are in the spotlight and you can choose from many models.

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