The French Brand Yves Bathrooms Designs

The French brand Yves bathrooms experts presents a few lines for your bathroom. Comfortable and functional concepts of baths and showers along with the therapeutic combination unique in design. Surely you will love them for its design.

The French Brand Yves Bathrooms Designs

These manufacturers give you one thing is that you give them the idea of ​​what you want for your bathroom, and they will do the project in 3D, thus realizing your dreams. What caught my attention are the sinks that are beautiful.

The French Brand Yves Bathrooms Designs

As is the case of this first Ginkgo Basin, with rounded shapes and you can also choose from several colors, natural stone, bronze, zing, stone beige, Pergamon, red, white and gray, combined with a nice cock and highlighted as a key design on the bathroom cabinet.

The French Brand Yves Bathrooms Designs

Another design of straight lines and more and also sits on top of furniture so you can better appreciate the design forms Vasque Enka4, very futuristic and a pool as you can see in the photo have been outfitted with a faucet coming out of the wall causing the jet to fall when the pool is even more spectacular.

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Of course the combination of LED lights make it more shocking, everything depends on the decorative accessories you want to add.

Finally you could see this design of the pool basin also lies on the bathroom cabinet, just need to put a little more length of furniture because as you can see is a shallow basin.

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