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The Japanese decor in your room

One of the places where you can enter a Chinese style decoration is in your room, for that we bring different images to inspire and give you ideas for creativity in your home reform.

The Japanese decor in your room

This room with shades of white, cream walls, brick columns and a polished wood floor is a very particular has achieved in spite of its suit characteristics of the Japanese decor. A cream-colored carpet, tea table, wood bed quilts and red and cream are some of the details posted to give it more character and style unite taking it to warm tones with bedside lamps orange. This room would look great with a ceiling lamp rice paper, so if you decide to decorate your room with this style do not forget to take into account.

The Japanese decor in your room

The bedroom walls light gray, beige carpet and furniture in light shade, is a feminine space and evokes elements of ancient China, such as lithographs, vases and flowers that give a special harmony to the resting place, low tables made of wood trunks and a small mat made from wooden slats are illuminated by a window glass and metal lines that perfectly simulates the Japanese wall paper.

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