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The veranda, a room that has its charm

Become a real living room, the veranda is available in several styles. All tips on how to develop it.

The veranda, a room that has its charm

In principle, the porch is an extra room attached to the garden. To be protected from freezing winds of winter and enjoy the summer sun, it must define its location. The architects opted for the north direction in order to receive the best lighting and to admire the garden from inside. Located on the south side, the porch will bring the heat in winter and a temperate atmosphere during the summer. This orientation is preferred to build it. In addition to aesthetic and elegant, a south facing veranda offers many energy savings: in winter, it can comfortably heat the room, without the use of a radiator. Similarly, during sunny periods, a carefully chosen roof will reduce the effects of heat. On this last point, the bids for roof are many: one or more slopes, flat roof, the choice is vast.

Develop a porch: the exterior

Thus, a glass roof lets the light in the room and is an excellent thermal insulation and soundproofing. Attractive and elegant, it is ideal for a classic design. The only downside is its price and in need of development. The windows are a good synthetic alternative to glass: first, they are lighter, stronger and just as much cheaper. Similarly, the choice of material is essential to have a lovely veranda. In the first position, is the aluminum requires no maintenance, it allows all the colors, and is available everywhere. A wooden veranda certainly gives an exotic look and a good thermal insulation, but its cost is very high and requires high maintenance. For those small, nothing like the PVC side thermal performance, its price is so affordable.


Develop a porch: the interior

Always keep in mind the decorative style of the other rooms in your home, prior to decorating your porch. A harmony of styles to help give your conservatory the stamp. However, if the goal is to create a greenhouse or a separate room in your veranda, in this case, it is not necessary to comply with other parts. It is therefore important first to define the use you will make this piece: will she get a room, a place to relax or a reading corner? According to the guidelines should opt for warm colors if your conservatory is meant to be a place of relaxation. Similarly, with respect to the furniture, choose low-up to hide the objects. Especially not clutter the room with unnecessary things at risk of becoming an attic. For indoor plants, you must ensure that the conservatory has a sprinkler system to prevent them from drying out.

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