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4 Things You Use at Work That Could Become Part of Your Apartment

Many people try to keep a clear distinction between the places where they live and work. In some cases, that’s a good thing, because it lets people feel like they can enjoy their off hours more thoroughly and not get constant reminders of work. However, have you considered that some elements of your workplace are also effective when applied to your apartment?

These accessories are among the many things that could also boost productivity at work by fostering a communal environment while cutting down on distractions

Ergonomic and Access-Promoting Desk Setups

Office managers often prioritize setting up employees’ desks in ergonomic ways that keep the body in proper alignment. For example, your chair should be at a height that makes your knees and hips level while keeping your wrists straight and at or below your elbows. Plus, putting the computer monitor approximately an arm’s length away from you when you’re seated is healthy for your neck.

You may not spend as much time at a desk at home as you do at work, but you probably at least have a place to sit and stay productive whether you’re addressing party invitations, writing thank-you notes after having a bridal shower, or jotting down items on a grocery list. When arranging your desk, keep the ergonomic principles above in mind.

Also, place things on the desk and within the home office area to avoid having to move around too much or strain while reaching them. Storage solutions like plastic filing drawers and containers for small office supplies like staples, erasers, and rubber bands could help keep your desk well organized by giving you fast access to the items used most often.

Room Dividers

You’ll often see room dividers used in corporate environments to break up space in a big room and use it for different purposes. These accessories are among the many things that could also boost productivity at work by fostering a communal environment while cutting down on distractions.

Dividing up the room in a similar way is also a smart idea to apply to your apartment’s layout, especially if you live in a small studio that does not have multiple bedrooms. You could use a room divider to designate part of your bedroom as a play area for your toddler. Alternatively, set up a room divider that creates a studying or meditation area you can use to restore internal harmony when the pressures of life inevitably increase.

Durable Countertops

Have you noticed how some of the best commercial office countertops hold up well over time despite being exposed to spilled drinks, constant use, and other factors that could eventual detract from the overall appearance? Granite and quartz are two of the most popular countertop materials for commercial settings. They’re very resilient and visually appealing, and these realities make them wise choices for people who are trying to impress clients and employees.

If the counters in your apartment look worn, think about replacing them with an option that’s like the kind you’ve seen at your workplace. People responsible for designing workspaces — from the meeting rooms to the break room — usually put significant amounts of time and effort into the task and you may as well get inspired by their choices.

Automatic Hand Dryers

Workplaces commonly have electronic hand dryers in the bathrooms that turn on automatically when people put their hands underneath them. Some companies make these devices for home use, too. If you’re concerned that your bath towels have become a breeding ground for bacteria or think you waste too much money on disposable products to dry your hands, consider installing a practical solution that pays for itself immediately and over time.

As you can see from this short but thought-provoking list, it’s easy to apply many of the things you depend on at work to your apartment, too. As a result, you could enjoy a home that more closely matches your needs and lifestyle.

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