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Tips and ideas for vintage decor with redecorating on a budget

While we have shown before several examples of vintage style to your inspiration, this time we want to give you several tips to accomplish this decoration that remains between current trends and can save you money if you put your mind.

Take into account the dimensions of your home: to perform without recharging vintage decor and leave enough space available.

vintage decor with redecorating on a budget

Visit antique shops, markets and the like: To get furniture and decorative accessories that combine together and may please you to decorate every corner.

Reuse your furniture: although the vintage decor is based on retro-style furniture, also you can and should be combined with contemporary furniture and accessories in this trend keeps your current designs and to merge with some elements.

Use your walls: Do not let your walls bare and is useful to give the missing touch to your decor, framed posters of cult movies, retro-inspired wallpapers, photos with vintage style frames and full-length mirrors.

Select the ideal space for each element: as stated above the main idea is to decorate your home with vintage style without recharging, so you must choose a place for each item.

Tips and ideas for vintage decor with redecorating on a budget

While redecorating may eventually involve the purchase of furniture and flooring here we provided some ideas to do with a budget and change the style of your home with simple steps.

Tapestries: plans based on your space and your decor colors present in the installation of a tapestry to decorate one wall of your living room.

Cushions: An easy way to renew your decor style with new cushions to give more life and color to any space, you can choose them the same color or you can choose to present some draw a contrast.

graphic design or artistic style art movement for your home

You can take advantage of columns, door frames, stairs or other elements to change the style of decoration with a different paint color that gives life to your home or to the different spaces the presence of the same color combinations.

Carpets: Use the ground as part of your decor to define the areas in which you make changes, placing carpets in different styles and colors.

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