Tips for children to enjoy shared rooms

Large families are a real lucky. However, if it is true that the homes of families with children are always full of laughter, also have, most of the time, lack of space. Especially when it comes to space in the rooms, which forces you to create shared rooms.

Surfing the net we found some solutions to this little problem that will surely delight you. For starters, the obvious, the bunk beds and these beds is allowed to exploit the space to the ceiling.

Normally we see models of single berths as well as twin. However, there are plenty of options when placing bunk beds 3 and more. We only need a little ingenuity and ceilings high enough. As we can see from the pictures, the result is great. A bed for everyone in very little space. In addition, this type of bedroom love the little ones.

the fact is that as children grow demand a little more privacy

There are also simpler models, with two beds, which incorporate an arsenal of spaces by way of drawers and shelves. In this way, our children will have all their belongings orderly.

Another option is to place suspended beds as the photo. The truth is that are visually stunning.

incorporate an arsenal of spaces by way of drawers and shelves

Although the bunks are well, the fact is that as children grow demand a little more privacy. It is therefore interesting to note some examples where that has taken advantage of the space, leaving a small plot for each family member.

place suspended beds as the photo

We can perform partial partition between bed and bed, if we have a lot of space. We also like the option of dividing the room in two with a light curtain.

perform partial partition between bed and bed

Finally, for those with a minimum, we recommend the trundle beds. Maybe not the best stylistic choice, but we can not ignore the benefits to the total space of the room, which will become a spacious games room with a single bed.

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