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Tips for choosing tables for your home

Table is one of the furniture more we use it throughout our lives. Choosing tables appropriately are essential in any home and is either in the lounge or in the dining room or in the kitchen or in an office, they need to eat or work. Besides its practical function can also decorate the room where the put; today we will see some tips for choosing the tables in your home , to fit perfectly to your needs and personal tastes.

Choose the Right Side Table for Your Home

The dining room table

The dining room or living room is one of the rooms of the house where most common life becomes. Usually around the table at mealtimes, so it is important to choose it well. There are several ways in which you should set as the number of people who regularly use , potential guests, room space, shape and decorative style. We see it in more detail.

Different forms

It may be a matter of taste, but you must know that every form of table brings something more. For example, a round table is more welcoming and allows more socialization since it favors the conversation; the rectangular table has a perhaps more formal air and can make better who “commands” at home with the two headers presiding.

The square is the latest, highly decorative, and have the angularity of the rectangular coupled with the ease of conversation they bring round. An extensible is the best choice to get more people at home and to have room for all. Of course, you must consider the space of the room to make sure it fits the open table.

Ten Things to Consider When Choosing a Coffee Table


If the dining table has more uses besides eating, for example, to draw, play or children to do their homework there, avoid brittle materials like glass. Those of wood are the most robust and firm .


The light colors are brighter and more if the table is lacquered or brilliant, if dark absorb the light in the room and make the space look smaller.

The ubication

It is important to know where you are going to place a dining table and is a designated area but also integrated into the room to be a very pleasant and warm food. If you are near a source of natural, best light.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Coffee Table

Coffee table

Coffee tables allow plenty of possibilities and decorative styles, in this case, to the detriment some functionality because often are more ornamental than practical. The glass is visually lighter but more fragile, so if you want some consistency can choose other classics such as wood or minimalist styles such as acrylic or acrylic materials. It is recommended that the length is not less than half the sofa because would be too small. The height should be the same as the seat or slightly lower.

Kitchen tables

Finally, another place where you can place a table is in the kitchen. In this case it should be comfortable and functional as it should fit the available space. If your kitchen is large you can put a square, round or rectangular table. If, by contrast, is a small kitchen have to look out for in the distribution of the same to maximize space; placed one having drawers for greater storage potential or folding to not interfere in transit.

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