10 Simple Tips for Cleaning the House

Organizing and cleaning the house seems to be an endless task, but get little habits can make all the difference in your home. See 10 tips from the personal organizer to leave the house clean and tidy without wasting much time:

Personal organizer teaches you how to do this without wasting much time

1 – Arrange the bed when you get up, so you startle the urge to go back to sleep and leave the room ready in just three minutes.

2 – Open the windows and let the house air for at least an hour.

3 – Organize your cleaning material by sectors: place in a basket what is to clean bathroom, in another the material of the kitchen, in another the one of the room and the rooms, and so on. This way you will not be going back and forth to the laundry room in search of what you forgot.

4 – Always collect the trash from the toilets.

5 – Brush the toilet and sanitize the seat with a cloth soaked in a mixture of 50% water and 50% white vinegar.

6 – Every day throw away the newspapers of the previous day, even what you did not read in the day, because surely will not read more. And do not forget that there are online editions if you need to consult an article. Therefore, nothing to accumulate.

7 – Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink. If you used anything, wash it off. Clean kitchen and tidy bed are synonyms of home in order.

8 – Leave baskets in the bathrooms dirty and get used to putting the clothes there, not the floor of the room.

9 – Change bed and bath linen once a week and choose a day that does not have a lot of laundry.

10 – Used, cleaned, stored.

This simple rule will make all the difference in your house. That alone will end up with 90% of the mess. Remember, everything has its place, but they will not reach it alone!

By Lohan

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