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3 Tips For Maximizing Space In A One-Bedroom Apartment

For some people, it can feel like your home is never big enough for everything you want to fit in it. But for people who are trying to fit everything into their one-bedroom apartment, having a lack of space is a reality that they have to learn how to deal with.

If this is the situation that you find yourself in, here are three tips for maximizing space in a one-bedroom apartment.

Embrace Open Storage

Maximizing Space In A One-Bedroom Apartment


When you have very little space to work with, you have to make sure that everything you bring into your home has a purpose and that it works for you in more ways than one. These rules include items of furniture or pieces you use for storage.

With your storage options, especially those that are larger, recommends that you choose pieces that are open on one or both sides so that you can see through them. With this type of feature, you’ll be able to see through or around your furniture much better. This will allow your space to look bigger and more airy. So whenever it’s possible for you to have open storage, whether it means taking the doors off some of your cupboards and closets or using a bookshelf as a kind of boundary between areas of your home, keeping things open can help you maximize space and make the spaces you have look larger.

Take Things Vertically

In many homes, adding items to a space means finding additional floor space or where to put them. But when your floor space is extremely limited, you’ll have to look elsewhere for where to house your items.

Because of this, Kelly Weimert, a contributor to The Spruce, advises that you try to take things vertically rather than thinking about spreading out horizontally. By storing things vertically, using taller, thinner pieces of furniture, and hanging more items in your home, you can use all of the available space you have, not just the available space on your floor.

Get Specific With Furniture Choices

When the space in your home isn’t an issue, you don’t really have to think too hard about how a piece of furniture will fit in the space. But when space is hard to come by, you’ll need to start getting very specific with the furniture you choose.

For example, Adrienne Breaux, a contributor to Apartment Therapy, shares that you may have better luck doing DIY projects in which you can get the exact dimensions you need for certain items rather than trying to find a piece that fits in the small area you have available.

If you have a one-bedroom apartment or live in another small space, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you maximize the living space you do have.

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