Tips for optimal home climate control: air conditioning

Tips for optimal home climate control Guide to Thermostat Types, Temperature Settings & TipsThe air conditioning of the home allows us to control the temperature and adapt it to our needs. However, there are some recommendations that will help us reduce costs and obtain better results.

Recommendations for the correct air conditioning of the home:

The thermal insulation of walls and ceilings will be essential to reduce heat leaks during the winter and optimize cooling systems during the hottest months. It is necessary to properly insulate the doors and windows since they are the main channels of loss that households face.

The correct orientation of the building also significantly influences the insulating capacity of a home. It is recommended, for example, that the main fa├žade be oriented to the south and that the installation of windows and walls to the west be avoided.

Colors can also alter the heat absorption level of a home. For example, light colors on exterior walls reflect the sun and prevent interior spaces from heating up while improving light levels in rooms.

Depending on the season of the year in which we find ourselves it will be more or less advisable to facilitate the passage of the sun. The greater the solar radiation that enters the home, the more heat will be generated inside, so in summer the sun should be blocked. In this way we will reduce the use of air conditioners . Just the opposite of what happens in winter.

In addition, the use of awnings or blinds will also help us to retain the heat inside the home during the winter nights and to prevent the entry of the sun on summer days.

The windows formed by a double glazing will help us to generate a more optimal thermal insulation. In addition, they are also very useful to reduce the levels of noise pollution .

Ventilation is necessary and when we open the windows, we must immediately turn off the heating or air conditioning. In addition we can also program the operation of these by using clocks or thermostats.

Finally, we must get used to making periodic revisions to our heating and air conditioning installations to guarantee their correct operation and obtain the best results.

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