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Tips for organic gardening

For those who have gardens or in plans to build a new one in this fall, it would be advisable to adapt it in an environmentally, especially to achieve a lower water cost, which eventually can provide some savings economy.
Tips for organic gardening
Got to have an organic garden is really easy and simply must follow all or some of the advice we give below.
First you must consider the choice of native plants, since they are the most resistant to water shortages, disease, pests and poor soils.
It is very advisable to group the species of plants according to their water needs. As we know, not all plants need the same amount of water in this way, if you place the plants most in need together, end up wasting less water.
Then you know that the edges of the lawn are the area where more water accumulates, and this is a great area to place the plants that ask more of it.
It is advisable to accustom the plants to low water needs, as well, if not possible, install a watering machine, which will allow you to irrigate at night and thus avoid strong evaporation of the day produced by the sun and the wind.
Abuse of fertilizer is not good, since it will cause a very tender shoots and plants more susceptible to pests such as aphids. It is also recommended to produce compost home. This can recycle plant debris such as branches of pruning, mowing grass, leaves or food waste among other things.
Your lawn is a large space where you can put solar flares and lanterns, which you provide an optimal amount of energy, depending on how much you can place them.

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