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Tips for placing a vinyl floor

The film is increasingly present in homes, as it is a material that get a lot out both decorative and performance. Especially triumph vinyls to decorate walls, but it is also very successful in this soil material, which makes it a flexible coating which leaves spectacular results.

Before putting the vinyl floor, you should be very clear how the installation process, and know do advance preparation for optimum results and is perfectly. The surface must be without irregularities, as level as possible, whether it is continuous floor as if tiles.

Soil type

synthetic nature having vinyl ago you may have difficulty adjusting to temperature changes
The vinyl floor can be of two types: continuous and tiles. Continuous you can buy rolls of different widths, typically 2-4 meters. As the tile is in tile adhesive which are separate, typical tile as any other material. Continuous is most suitable for small rooms, as their placement process is complicated, while the tiles are well on large and it is easier to put them.


The synthetic nature having vinyl ago you may have difficulty adjusting to temperature changes, so it is advisable to leave the rolls or tiles in the room where you will place since at least the day before, so it will acclimate . Ideally, that time may be at a temperature of between 15 and 20 ° C.


If you put tiles, should you make a plot of stay before starting their placement. Divide it into four parts, two perpendicular axes and drawing reference marking the point where they cross. Next, place the tiles without opening the seal to ensure you get proper distribution. The first two rows must be along the two axes, and staggered rest.

When you have everything properly distributed, remove the protective film and fixed to the floor tiles carefully and making sure there are no wrinkles. It is recommended to smooth each of the tile with a spatula to get better results.

Placing the Roll

The main problem that you can find with vinyl roll is that the installation process is somewhat complicated, because you have to cut, glue and paste the material. Furthermore it is complicated if the dimensions of the room force you to use several strips or rolls, as you must join both specifications perfectly., Ideally making the joint perpendicular to the point where it reaches a greater amount of natural light.

Measures stay to know the amount you need, cut the strip and glue to stick to the ground immediately, smoothing everything possible so there are no imperfections.

main problem that you can find with vinyl roll is that the installation process is somewhat complicated

Maintenance and cleaning

The floor is PVC vinyl, so it is a waterproof surface that allows contact with the water, which certainly makes maintenance much easier. For everyday cleaning, it is sufficient to pass a mop dipped in soap and water, and once a week you can use a specific wax for greater brightness, which also increase the protection. Common polishes are not recommended as they make the vinyl becomes slippery.

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