Tips for saving energy in office

Whether at home or business, the office is a space where much energy is consumed daily. Lights, computers, heating and many other tools on all day accounts carry electricity huge, which meet several times a waste of energy careless with the environment. Assuming some simple habits can save electricity and work with full efficiency in a field ecologically responsible.

How to save energy in the office
Turn off the computer after day. It is rumored that computers should not be turned off during the night by the expense involved in its running. However, the energy consumed by leaving it on 24 hours far exceeds that used in starting. Also unplug basic electronic hardware (speakers, printers, microphones) when not in use, and still consume power off to stay connected to your computer.

environmental institutions that recycle
Betting on laptops. Addition to practical, elegant, laptops are greener than desktops, consuming one-eighth of its energy.

Change a flat screen. Those who do not want to change your desktop computer, can save energy by replacing the conventional monitor (CRT cathode ray tube) by the thin LCD (liquid crystal). The LCD consumes half the power of the cathode, and certainly is more comfortable, adjustable, pro-vision image quality.

Replace incandescent bulbs lamps fluorescent. The quality of light is unchanged but uses two thirds less energy. Consequently, you save money with long life bulbs of fluorescent, even when acquiring a little more expensive than conventional ones.

Use rechargeable batteries. Not only is more practical and efficient, it reduces the high contamination of disposable batteries. When a battery is no longer useful, it must always bring specialized environmental institutions that recycle.

Clean air conditioner filter. In winter and summer, the air conditioning unit is usually in operation throughout the day. To maintain efficiency and avoid waste of energy by malfunction, it is essential to clean the filter regularly and replace when necessary.

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