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4 tips to decorate a holiday home or weekend house rentals

Some people make the investment of a second home where they enjoy their rest days during summer vacations and different trips throughout the year. This is a decoration project that brings a special illusion to those who observe this decision in the context of their life project. This space is linked to the happy experience of feeling at home in a new destination as you gradually shape this new home. How to decorate a holiday home?

weekend house rentals

1. Create a functional space

This is one of the main objectives of decorating a space with these characteristics. The most important thing during the holidays is to enjoy the present. Therefore, to make your stay happier , plan stays that are functional in themselves. Places that are full of life with their protagonists. How do you imagine your stay in that place during rest periods?

This visualization can inspire you to shape the different details. You are the same person when you are in your usual home or when you are at the summer destination. But circumstances change. And this fact also influences the needs analysis that is a useful tool for making decoration decisions.

Storage needs, for example, are different in a regular home or in a weekend apartment. A proposal to create a functional space is to invest in versatile furniture that, due to its properties, has more than one practical utility. This choice is recommended to take better advantage of the space.

2. Location of the holiday home

To decorate a space with these characteristics it is also recommended that you find inspiration in the context of the place where the property is located. The decoration of an apartment with sea views has different nuances to a house that is located in a mountain destination, for example. The context can help you define what the main style of decoration of the house will be.

Beyond the qualities of each type of scenario, there is a universal premise: nature inspires you in this decoration purpose by relating the interior to the exterior of the house.

3. Decorate the house little by little

You can create the main base of the decoration of the space to organize your first trip home. But this place needs are different from the main house, you can enjoy the experience of going specifying details in this space over time, as’re living stays there and creating new moments. This life in the place will also give you a closer reference of what you need.

Decorating the house little by little is a project that adds the illusion of novelty to your usual present but, in addition, this planning is also effective to face the investment of this decoration in a longer period of time.

4. Slow Deco

During the holidays circumstances change. For example, you have more free time to focus on yourself and enjoy your favorite hobbies. But you also have a new scenario to live your home with more tranquility. The slow-deco philosophy values ​​this praise of attention to detail in a house that becomes your comfort zone during the holidays. The purpose of creating a functional house mentioned point number one of this article is also aligned with this concept.

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