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Tips to repair an interior door

The doors as any part of the house deteriorate through use and require a constant maintenance. It is a fact that the sooner note every flaw, the less damage. To repair a door that does not work correctly you must know the problem, then you can do the job properly. For maintaining an interior door, you can do it yourself without having to spend on hiring a specialist by using these tips.

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Deformed doors: the deformation of the doors is one of the most common problems are usually due to moisture environment, heat or lack of parking in the wood with which they built the door. If the bend is in the hinge zone, you must strengthen the bond between the sheet (jamb) and the frame, to which add a hinge. Remove the blade of its location and made a hole with a chisel to locate the box of the hinge on the edge of the leaf and the frame. Before removing the blade must mark the position of the new hinge. Screwed the hinge in place and turn to place the door leaf. This should be enough to work perfectly.

Hinges loose: sometimes the door movement causes a game with the hinges, which ends by loosening the screws of the same. This constant movement, enlarge the hole ends in which are inserted the screws, so as to adjust them are not really tight. To solve this problem you must fill the holes. There are several ways to do this padding, the simplest is with white glue mixed with sawdust, works well and adapts to any surface, although the union does not stand too much effort. Another solution is to place a chip or a dowel, this depends on the enlarged hole, usually suffice sliver. If filling does not come loose in a short time, put a little white glue before filling. Then insert the chip and pin (can also be a toothpick), let it dry. Finally place by tightening the screw afterwards.

Doors that stick: when a door jam, there can be many factors that cause it. If the hinge is loose, to repair it, just tighten the screws. If this fails, then put a charge behind one of the hinges. This supplement is simply a piece of thin cardboard. Stand behind the hinge that is opposite to the area that touches the frame. Then cut the area that touches the frame, do it with sandpaper or the carpenter’s plane.

Dents or small holes: when you have deep dents, scratches or holes caused by nails, moth or other cause, fill with wood putty for wood, but it will prevent the filling reaches the surface so that the putty is visible. To cover the putty and give a more natural finish, prepare a paste of the same wood sawdust and white glue. Fill the hole and press firmly to compact. Then let dry and sand it thoroughly with a wet sandpaper. Then apply the paint, or paste wax to cover the settlement.

Wetlands: when the wood has moisture, remove the affected piece of wood and replace it with another piece of the same wood. Treat all the door with a product biocide to kill fungi that may be in another part of the door and to prevent formation of new fungus.

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