Tips to save time in household cleaning

The cleaning of house is something that just thinking about it exhausts me, so many things to clean and many details to keep in mind that just thinking about it makes my desire to go immediately to address this difficult task.


If you like something happens and you are always looking for excuses not to have to be thoroughly cleaned, then I’m sure you’ll love the tips or advice I will share with you today, as they are ideal to save time when cleaning our home.

Tips to save time in household cleaning


Tips to save time in cleaning

Cleaning the toaster:

Unplugged. Remove the drawer in which are deposited the crumbs and wash with warm water and soap. Put the toaster upside down on the dump and shake gently.


With a wet toothbrush, no longer being used to remove the remaining crumbs remaining in the resistors.

Allow the toaster to dry completely


Perfect mirrors:

With hot water and a sponge mop obvious stripes, then go to a crumpled newspaper dipped in a solution of 1 part white vinegar to 5 parts warm water.

Clean with large circles, from left to right, top to bottom. Wipe dry with a piece of dry newspaper.


Free of dust screens:

In most cases, the dust can be cleaned with the help of a vacuum, but you can choose a soft brush or cloth dipped in soapy water and then a cloth dipped in clean water and wrung out, dried with dry towels.


These are small things we can do from time to time and we will certainly facilitate the task of cleaning.


Having a house cleaner is much easier than you can possibly imagine, is a matter of organization and know where to start, as we saw some time in the post of tips for a cleaner home , or how to easier cleaning the bathroom . So no excuses to make our homes look spectacular all year round.

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