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Top Tips to Spruce Up Your Rental Apartment

Rental apartments are a great way to earn an extra source of income, and they can also be a lot of fun to decorate and show off your personal taste. It is also a good time to fix or address any issues that need doing.

If you want to breathe some new life into your apartment but are feeling a bit stuck, here are some considerations to keep in mind when sprucing up your rental apartment:

Installing new light fixtures

Lighting can truly make or break a space. Swapping out bright white bulbs for softer incandescent yellows can make a space look more inviting, while utilizing sconces and wall lamps are great for saving space. Installing retro light fixtures in cozy spaces such as your kitchen can light up a room while also adding a subtle decorative touch. Indeed, interior designers from all around the world are proving that light fixtures are part and parcel of a space’s design. That means if you find yourself stuck trying to revitalize your space, sometimes all you need to do is to look up.

For quicker fixes, fitting your floors with insulating carpets and placing weather-stripping sweeps on the bottom of your door can go a long way in sound-proofing your home without costing you an arm and a leg in terms of renovation

Mixing and matching your interiors

If you’re looking to make low-risk design choices that result in huge payoffs, Lifestyle Asia recommends mixing and matching different design elements. This is a trend you can easily incorporate as well. Whether you want to mix lighter throw pillows against your dark sofa or mix metallic and wooden finishes in your kitchen, create visual contrasts that keep your space interesting and a joy to be in. If you’re happy with how your space already looks, you can consider adding a pop of color or an interesting art print to achieve that unexpected touch without a lot of effort on your part.

Check your sound isolation

As mentioned in our post on Methods to Soundproof the Noisy Home, noise pollution is a problem tons of homeowners face on a regular basis. You can opt to install acoustic doors if you have time, as these heavy options are great for dampening noise. For quicker fixes, fitting your floors with insulating carpets and placing weather-stripping sweeps on the bottom of your door can go a long way in sound-proofing your home without costing you an arm and a leg in terms of renovation. If you’re renting out in a busy city, these subtle and functional touches allow your tenants to take advantage of living in a prime location without the noise and discomfort city living can often bring.

Remove any odors

It’s all well and good to change up your decor, but this won’t matter one bit if there are odors that will put people off renting your place. This is a common issue when transitioning from one tenant to another. It is vital that the home smells neutral before anyone else uses it. One area that will need close attention is the kitchen. A guide to getting rid of kitchen smells by HomeServe notes how a build up of food in your drainpipe and a lack of water in the U-bend can cause bad odors. For a simple homemade method to remove these odors, they suggest using vinegar and baking soda followed by boiling water to clean the pipes. If that doesn’t work then try bio-enzyme drain cleaner as it is eco-friendly and won’t damage your pipes.

Clean Your Gutters

Sprucing up your rental property doesn’t just mean the interiors. Use this time to check and clean your gutters. Now that winter is over and spring has begun, there is a high chance that your gutters are full of leaves and debris. If these are not cleaned then you open the property up for flooding caused by poor drainage. Home Reader Digest also explain how this can be a health hazard as you will expose your tenant to algae and mold. Also if you are looking for new tenants, poorly maintained gutters will put you in a bad light as a landlord.

Taking the time to spruce up your rental apartment, both indoors and out every once in a while is a great way for you to show off your creative side and fix any issues. Hopefully these tips will help guide you towards making your rental apartment perfect for the next tenant.

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