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How to give a touch of color to the decor

To have a cheerful home with color and need not all be full of prints, stripes and patterns strident, if your joy detached home if you can follow very simple guidelines and some little touches.

A bedroom can change greatly depending on the bedspread or duvet cover

On the walls and colorful, not necessary that each room is painted in a different key to look cheerful, you can choose the overall white at home but bring a twist in each room with a wallpaper set in a one of the walls with a plaster molding on the ceiling or floor by placing a fun contrast to the pure white of the walls.

The advice is that the color is added in the decorative elements such as cushions, rugs, bedding, towels or curtains better than fixed elements, because if you get tired of the decor will be easier to re-position them or save them to redecorate. A striking rug in a sober living poufs or combined with a matching cushions can turn a bland room into something cheerful and rarely seen. As occurs in other areas of the house, a bedroom can change greatly depending on the bedspread or duvet cover that you place, as is the case with table lamps or main roof, if you opt for a patterned screens or provide colorful patterns.

You can also play with upholstered chairs and sofas, as with blinds and curtains or bath towels. A floral or geometric shapes in contrasting colors provide freshness and joy especially where put there. And you should not forget that flowers and fresh plants are natural the perfect item to bring a touch you seek.

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