Teruel is a place that although it is not very well known is a completely stately landscape
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The best travel tips before you start travel to Teruel

Teruel, a fantastic destination that refers to attractive landscapes to enjoy especially in a trip as a couple, whether you are from the same city of Aragon or, come from other parts of the world with the desire to have a relaxed and completely unforgettable vacation.
Teruel is a place that although it is not very well known

It is a place that although it is not very well known, it has many beautiful places for you to know and denote an iconic face with its park of dinosaurs, among other faces that undoubtedly are worth devoting a great time. Dare to feel the difference of this Spanish place and like one of your favorite places.

On the other hand, you have the simple perception of Teruel , the Aragonese Mudejar architecture, which has been widely recognized by UNESCO and where you will see the 10 best buildings that are arranged all around , ready to be appreciated.



It is a completely stately landscape, built approximately at the beginning of the twentieth century, being inevitable to associate it completely with the works of Gaudí in Barcelona. In a side region to this area you can appreciate the elevator with an exclusive access to the oval walk that you can not fail to appreciate in your trip to Teruel .


It focuses on one of the most stylish towers within this city , designed under a model of Mudejar conformation that contemplate the rise of a classicist era reconstituted by Christians who after re-conquest continued to retain influences of Muslim origin and ensure an excellent Atmosphere to enjoy with any of your companions when entering this part of Spain. You can enter the tower and climb to the viewpoint that offers you to delimit with your own look, the beautiful of the whole city.


This square is the heart of the city of Teruel , being a part of the city where you will see a small bull, hence its name, with a famous fountain on a column and without a doubt, it is an iconic place that stands out the Beauty of the whole Spanish point.

Teruel is a place that although it is not very well known is a completely stately landscape
It is a special place to not go unnoticed along the journey and that knows how to highlight with its details of beauty, specifically for its blue facade.


After descending a long staircase near the Plaza del Torico , you will enter a site of great beauty, dealing with the Medieval Aljibes of Teruel, these being nothing more than underground deposits with a structural design in the best style of Roman times.

In turn, you will see them reformed as a small exhibition where different stories are shown so that you learn all the events that in its time, embargoed.

Take a romantic and completely welcoming course towards the destination of Teruel and get in touch with all the visual details it has to offer, leaving you nothing more than good memories and much desire to return.

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