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Tricks to take advantage of the terrace garden

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The good weather is approaching and we want to enjoy the sun and the sunsets. If we are lucky enough to have a terrace that image becomes even more interesting. Now, if this room is not properly decorated, we may even be a little embarrassed to take our visitors for a coffee. We give you some tricks to take advantage of the terrace or garden of your home.

The first thing that one must assimilate is that the terraces are not for accumulating the things that do not enter the house, this is how one loses space without wanting it! Eye, they are not for us to keep them completely naked and do not pass by or the flies. Getting an ideal terrace is much simpler than we can imagine, and cheaper than we expected. To personalize your outdoor space, find more information here .

Let’s see some tricks to take advantage of both our terraces and gardens , you will see how it becomes your favorite place in the house.

-Luces: They are an indispensable element of any terrace or garden. Playing with lighting is always a point in favor in this type of environment, especially if the format is rather decorative. We do not even have to spend too much, because even with a few well-placed light bulbs we will obtain a comfortable, bright and pleasant atmosphere.

Of course, we must find an interesting way to hang them. If we hang them high enough we can alternate the light bulbs with flowers. To lower the price of flowers we have several ideas. On the one hand, we reuse the typical jars of yogurt to function as improvised pots and on the other hand we acquire fake flowers or buy plants that do not require too much attention and do not grow disproportionately.

How to take advantage of the terrace or garden at home

-Sombras: It is important that there is some shade area on the terrace or garden. In the former the awning is preferable whereas in the gardens it is more appropriate to place pergolas. This can get a little price but it is important to protect us from the sun, especially in these months when it hits more.

-The furniture: Th terrace furniture that we are going to place in the garden should go according to the space we have. If this one is rather small we can choose objects with curved lines since they will provide a feeling of greater amplitude. If you are thinking about rustic and cheap furniture we have an idea that, sure, you will love it.

Get several pallets, this will be based on the height you want the chairs and how many you need. Paint them, varnish them, give them that personal charm of yours. Then join and stick and place a cushion on top, preferably the same size as the pallet. You can even place a backrest with another pallet, although here we go into greater complications.

– Vertical Gardens: If you do not have a garden and your terrace is not very wide you can write down this idea. It is about making the wall an authentic garden. It brings freshness, joy and grace to the space and we can find from more or less expensive options to others authentically low cost. If we continue with the pallets, we can place them on the wall and put in the hole that is the pots that we want. The best thing is that they are plants that stand out because otherwise the idea does not have much grace.

Another good idea is to take bottles (washed and without stickers) and hang them on the wall with the plants that most appeal to us. Although, yes, the best thing is that we are realistic, are we good at gardening? If not, choose plants that do not require excessive attention. Keep in mind that in this area the sun will shine a lot, so check which are the best ones.

What do you think of these tricks to take advantage of the terrace or garden at home?

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