Types of curtains

The curtains are essential in any home, and to prevent the passage of light and sun when so desired. You also get the privacy that everyone needs in their home, preventing them from outside can be seen inside, or that the part you want to show display only. They are very functional, and is virtually impossible to go to a home where there are no curtains in any of their stays.

A decorative level also play a very important role because they can give that special touch to any room, in a perfect combination and adequate contrast. A very large market that I would summarize below.


Also known as blinds, are formed by several sheets of small size that can be rotated, primarily to take advantage of sunlight, or to cover it, but you can never completely eliminate your entry. You can get on and off, both completely and easily, simply by pulling a cord. It is one of the most functional curtains, and is also used a lot in offices, mainly in offices. They can be wood, aluminum or PVC, and are in a variety of designs and colors.

There are two types of curtains rolling and folding

They go before normal curtain, which can be open and yet the curtain will not let pass the sunlight

Net curtains

Widely used especially in kitchens as they are a very thin curtain and light fabric, usually made ​​of fabrics are airy and light as the thread or linen. They go before normal curtain, which can be open and yet the curtain will not let pass the sunlight. They are also perfect for areas of the house where there is not much light as you get the most out natural light.


They are most easily recognized when speaking of curtains, without thinking of any other type first. Usually in thick and heavy fabrics to achieve a much nicer fall, and your choice is especially important when decorating any space. You can place only one in the window, or two, one each side, to open and to be picked up and pretty while they are open. They are perfect for almost any decor, especially if looking for something classic or rustic.


There are two Types of curtains – rolling and folding , both very explicit and named cases. They take up very little space and up and down very easily, so they are also perfect for any room. Especially suitable if your decor is modern and minimalist, today there are many designs that fit virtually all styles. Both types allow you to stop at any height, perfect to graduate the light you want to happen.

Japanese panels

They have become very popular in recent years, and are independent panels that move on rails , making it a decorative standard offer more opportunities as it can get each tissue / design. Many people use them to decorate the wall or a large window, without necessarily having a window behind. They move horizontally overlap each other, and their assembly / disassembly is easy.


When choosing any shade, it is important to consider using mainly going to give, and the characteristics of the room in which you are going to locate. For example, the curtains coming down can be dangerous for the rooms where very young children as they pull them and can fall on them. In that case, they are short or put a curtain.

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