Bathroom Lamps and lighting

Ideas for optimizing the lighting in the bathroom

Undoubtedly, the bathroom is the most intimate part of the home. However, it is usually the smaller and darker, since in many cases it has no natural lighting environment, on the other hand, the windows are so small that they practically do not allow the passage of light natural air.

The little light that characterizes the bathroom sometimes makes us difficult some daily routines that we usually do in this place, just like to comb our hair, or shaving. Therefore, we will give you some ideas to optimize the light in the bathroom as far as to look possibly natural. Are you ready?

Central lighting and mirrors

First, you have to know that the bathroom needs a central lighting that illuminates the entire stay. The best in these cases are the lamps halogen, which provide a white light that illuminate the bathroom through the reflection in the mirrors which, incidentally, should also have lights installed. We advise you two rows of 12-volt halogen around.

enjoy the outdoor light without sacrificing privacy


Ideally, the bathrooms have windows for natural light to enter, but if you want to preserve the privacy, opt for translucent or cover models with stikers translucent. Thus, enjoy the outdoor light without sacrificing privacy. And if you have an interior bathroom without windows, you can create one to enlarge the space and benefit from lighting other rooms. The sliding curtains ensure your privacy in these cases.

The sliding curtains ensure your privacy in these cases

White walls

As you know, the white reflects more light than any other color, so, ideally you choose to use this color on the walls. In this way, you will create an interaction with light and give more brilliance to the room.

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