Viscoelastic mattress vs springs mattress

Having a rest every day is of vital importance in order to move forward with energy, so it is very important to select the right mattress to get up every day well rested and eager to leave home happier than ever.

There are a variety of mattresses available in the market but the most used and recommended by experts, are spring mattresses and memory foam mattresses or Viscoelastic Mattresses.
Viscoelastic mattress vs springs mattress
Let us explore the properties of each of these two types of mattresses, sure each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Spring mattresses
If what you want is something inexpensive and breathable while the spring mattress is your mattress. Initially provide good back support, however, the springs are sinking over time, especially at the central level, which does not maintain the spine in proper alignment. Moreover, the variety are most often has to be renewed, and it is not recommended to be maintained for over 10 years.

Viscoelastic Mattresses
The advantage of Viscoelastic mattresses or memory foam mattresses is that adapts perfectly to the body, and no part of your body is left without support, for this reason it is the most recommended in the case of back problems, muscle or joint pain problems. However, economically its cost is a bit higher than spring mattresses.

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