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Wallpaper for a new décor- the most beautiful trending models in 2011

Trendy in 2011, the wallpaper has a place in every home, whether in winter or summer. Discover the latest trends.

If before, the wallpaper was not really in fashion today, it is back with even more life-giving trends to animate your interior dull and lifeless. Offering a magnificent and capable of transforming the interior, the wallpaper has the power to redecorate any room. Moreover, through its various reasons, it can be integrated into every room of the house. The living room, bedroom or even the kitchen counter can be a new decor and a new framework with the wallpaper.

Wallpaper for a new décor- the most beautiful trending models in 2011

Need not to mention that the wallpapers are a good option for customizing the interior. Several types of wallpaper are now presented on the market. But the effect struck us most during this year 2010, the trend is surely trompe l’oeil. Providing a feedback effect, this trend takes us in the past to 70 years. Optical illusions are manifested in real forms. In addition to decorating your house, wallpaper trompe l’oeil can also enlarge the room.

A tip: decorate one wall or more than 2 to be as light as the atmosphere in your home.

To make the sea and the tropical atmosphere in your house, the exotic effect is at the heart of the new trend in 2010, where flashy colors and light materials adorn the walls. Orange or red, the colors are combined with eastern forms. This trend goes perfectly with the wrought iron furniture or dark wood. During the holidays, adopting this style would be a good way to travel without leaving home. Another alternative to revamp your home, the wallpaper that tell a story. Educational and fun, the wallpaper is the dress of a teacher to show us the world’s wealth in flora and fauna. The parent is then printed in animals and rare vegetation to form a fantastic decor. To create this effect, the colors gray, white and watercolors are the most used. More natural, decorated with wallpaper is dominated by the green color, perfect for a child’s room! Choose the mood that suits you and turn your home with original wallpaper.

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