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Want to decorate your house | Let us do it efficiently | 7 must do steps before starting

Moving out of your old space can be challenging. There are a lot of factors that play into this whole process. Sometimes it can become stressful because you do not know the exact circumstances of the new environment. The uncertainty makes it a bit trickier. Many movers when asked do not want to move again because of all the hassle and uncertainty in this entire process.

However, the whole process can be stress-free if you plan. Planning before moving into the new house can save a lot of time and energy. On the other hand, if you do it poorly and you will end up with bad quality furniture, unpleasant fabric, and interior design which is not your style.

Planning before moving into the new house can save a lot of time and energy

The new space will be a reminder of your failure and nobody wants that. Therefore, make sure you follow some basic tips for moving into the new house.

Before moving out make up your mind about one thing is that you will be going to left behind a lot of old stuff. So, if you are a big hoarder of the stuff start declutter now. Because some of that stuff will not fit into the new house and you do not want the extra space filled with the useless stuff.

1. Create a basic plan

First, you should make a basic floor plan about where you want what thing. Because believe me, without having a beforehand plan you will waste a lot of time. Although, things are not going to be the way you might have wanted still it will save you some serious headache and confusion.

Secondly, make up your mind about what kind of decorating style you want. Figure out your sense of decorating style and implement those ideas.

While planning we will suggest you have a pencil and paper and simply draw the floorplan.

Some serious designers use software like AutoCAD etc. However, this is in the case of extreme situations. If you want to settle somewhere in between then there are commonly available mobile phone apps from which you can get benefits. These will be quite helpful in this planning process.

2. Keep the measurements of the new house in mind

Once you have the plan with the maps and all that you would know where you will place all the furniture. However, to do so you must know the measurements of the rooms and your furniture. To make the sofa length adjusted in the room you should know the measurements of both. It is tricky to convert the inches into feet. Thankfully, we do not have to do it manually anymore.

A famous interior designer once said that the major mistake that people do while moving is that they buy the things of the wrong size. Therefore, it is highly recommended to do the measurements before buying anything for the new house.

3. Make a budget

There is no hard and fast rule. The simple principle of buying anything applies here as well. Develop a suitable budget within the range of your pockets. Stick through this budget and do not do any compulsive shopping. Only buy things that you need. Shopping for decorative purposes can be put on hold. For instance, there should be a budget kept for painting the walls and buying a new bed or sofa if you need it. But spending money on decoration pieces is not recommended at this stage. This you can do gradually after setting up the house.

4. Do not take a start from the furniture store

This point is also the stem of the above-mentioned point. Do not just barge into the shopping mall and start buying anything you like. You will mess up your whole budget even this moving out thing. There is a phrase that does not go shopping when you hungry because this will lead you to make poor decisions

The same thing can be applied here while doing shopping for the new space. Just because you like that yellow chair does not mean your house also needs it and that couch that you bought without taking measurements will be stuck with you forever now and you cannot even use it.

5. Make up your mind how you want to live

This is the hardest part of moving out. Simply because there are no wrong or right choices. Rooms and the living area should be modern or ethnic. Either it should give cozy or formal vibes or whether it can be warm or cool. All these decisions are that should be made before starting the decorations.

The answers, however, lie in your living style of you look closely. If you are a family with children, then the settings of the house will be different than the family who eats at restaurants every other night. Similarly, the person planning to host large dinner parties will have a distinctive living style so the house should reflect this too.

6. Go step by step

To give the ideas into practical shape use the tape it out method. This is the process of doing the taping of the floor where you want to place each piece of furniture. This will give you a rough idea of how you want to set up.

Develop a strategic plan and stick through it. If the new house requires some big changes like ceiling changing or refurbishing the floor etc. then all these tasks should be done before moving into the new house.

7. Keep in mind the pros and cons

You can take inspiration from the interior magazines and different online interior decorating website. There are multiple of this app which is available just for the ease of the consumer. Try to take the full benefit of them as most of them are free.

Select a design that resonates with you the most and reincarnates it as well as you can. Also, in the recommendation of the experienced interior designer make note that was in the photo which element is used and whether it will be suitable for your place or not. Like the color scheme or solids which are used in the design.


House decor can be a lot of fun if you do it the right way. Some find it therapeutic as well. Therefore, go slow and phase out all the stages so that you do not make a mess of the whole situation. Sticking through the plan is most important although there will be last-minute changes and some mishaps that are bound to happen.

If the final results are of your choice, then the whole hard work will be worth it. See-through all the points that we have made in this blog and apply them in your situation as well. You will be very pleased with the results no doubt.

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