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Wedding decoration everything in white

Many grooms are opting for white wedding when they choose the theme of their wedding. The white color has meaning and is decorated all in white to give effect to your celestial celebration.

Wedding decoration everything in white

Color is the first thing that the body perceives visual, that is why it is important to decorate wedding. Each color has its significance and white is defined as a color of purity and sincerity. But white is not only the color God is also the color of peace and unity. So for your wedding day, be white because that’s when you join for life. From a practical standpoint, the white goes very well with other colors and fits all the decorations.

Both for the dress, reception hall, the invitations cards, the car, do not hesitate to use white. For a white wedding, most often pipe cleaners, silk, tulle and tarlatan as decorative accessories are chosen. Using layers to cut, make doves and angels to symbolize your union, the pinch on your curtains, you can stick on your car. For more impact, add silver glitter on your shapes and hang them with nylons son. To choose the flowers petals white as lilies, daffodils, tulips and white roses and put candles in glass holders. For outdoor decor, make a blend of white balloons and hang them on shrubs or blinds. Remember to light white candles to illuminate the aisles. Of course your spark plugs should be wrapped in glass jar or they will die quickly with the wind.

For the table, choose white tablecloths and cutlery transparent. You can add small white beads on the edges of your sheets or attach hearts and doves on your glasses. It is also advisable to use the sails to make the knots and hang on the edges of your windows. And finally a special menu for White Wedding, use all white. Rice, fish, meringue, coconut, white sauce, egg, and even Jacques scallops are delightfully delicious if you have a chief specialist for a white menu.

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