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What does kitchen home insurance cover for me?

If each of us were to be asked right now about our home insurance coverage, I am convinced that practically no one would know how to answer this question. When we buy a house, taking out insurance is one of the first things we do, that is true. But many times it is a mere procedure and we do not bother too much to know what coverage it offers us.

The ideal of insurance is to pay for nothing, I mean, the best thing about having insurance is not having to use it. But without a doubt, almost everyone has ever suffered a mishap, of greater or lesser magnitude in which we have needed to resort to our insurance.

One of the most common mistakes due to ignorance is thinking that our home insurance is limited to what happens to us inside the home

However, there is also the opposite case. Sometimes we experience incidents at home, in the kitchen or anywhere else, which we think is small or without serious consequences, insurance will not cover them. Or simply out of ignorance. As I said at the beginning, most of us right now would not know how to answer what your home insurance coverage is, and therefore, in the event of an accident, you do not resort to it.

And of course, many times we have also been chastised for having informed our insurance of any incident, and we found the following year that for this reason we have raised the price of the policy.

Surely many of you see yourself reflected in any of these assumptions that I have just mentioned.

Know your policy first

First of all, to avoid any type of doubt, it is very important to know the policy that we have contracted well. Check that it adapts to our reality and know in which cases we can use it and in which cases we cannot.

One of the most common mistakes due to ignorance is thinking that our home insurance is limited to what happens to us inside the home, and this is, in most cases, a mistake, since almost all home insurance covers thefts. on the street, something that many people are unaware of. Obviously it is not something that happens to us every day, but nobody is free from what happens to us, and what we should know is how to proceed with our insurance if this happens. Obviously the first step is to file a complaint with the police, but I advise you to do the next thing to call your insurance and make sure it covers the losses suffered in the robbery.

Returning to the home, the kitchen is the place where the most accidents occur since it is where the most dangers are concentrated: electrical appliances, cutting utensils, etc.

Often they are small mishaps that do not go on to greater, and that surely due to ignorance we do not report our insurance, such as, for example, when a glass is broken. Sometimes as I say, out of ignorance, and others to prevent the policy from being raised if we report, we end up paying out of pocket for something that could have been avoided.

However, insurance is for that, and if you break the glass of a door or a table, or even if a plate falls on your ceramic hob and cracks, or if you leave the fire on and forget It is running and the oil ends up burning and causing a fire that damages the extractor hood … In all these cases, your insurance should cover it. As if there is a power outage for several hours, and the food you keep in the freezer ends up spoiling.

When to call and when not

To solve all these doubts about what the insurance covers me and what not, I recommend that you read your contracts carefully, specifically the part of the coverage. However, it is also true that these types of contracts are usually written with complicated words or phrases that leave their interpretation a little open. My advice: for any incident, mishap or accident, call your insurance company and ask if you are covered or not.

No company will charge you for the consultation, no matter how many you do, and yet, it will help you clarify your doubts and know if you can claim your insurance or not.

Depending on the magnitude of the incidence or the amount you have to pay, it is up to you to decide whether you want to report your insurance, even at the risk of the premium being raised, or you prefer to assume it yourself. But if you allow me another advice, if your company tells you that by giving a part a year the premium will rise the following year, try to negotiate with it, and if you do not succeed, change companies. Fortunately there is a lot of competition to choose from.

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