How to keep the best mattress clean for a long time?

The mattress of your bed, crib or child’s bedroom is a key to your rest. However, how long have you cleaned it in the right way? As you have to spend much of the time on your matress, you should aware of some maintenance tips that needs for the best mattress and not only to care how it looks, but also for your health.

How to keep the mattress in good condition for a long time

Problems for a mattress in disrepair

Did you know how inconvenient it can be for you to have a mattress without care?

Posture problems

Whatever the composition of your mattress, whether high density foam or spring, after a time, rather than allowing comfort, it may be the cause of our back pain, hip or even head pain.

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Even the best mattress usually housed dust. For their size are not as easy to wash, let alone as an element of daily use, how to wait until it is dry and ready? However, this obstacle can be more harmful than you thought, it brings dust mites.

The mites are small spider-like animals that are housed between the particles of the cloth that covers the mattress and feed on dust, which is mostly composed of human skin. As if this were not enough, they can be responsible for diseases such as asthma and other types of irritation or skin allergies. The older your mattress, there will be more chance of being infected by these parasites and cleaning the mattress is essential.


An old mattress as you mentioned may have broken springs that can tear the lining and cause us injury. Many times, these cracks are due to mishandling of the mattress or gaming activities (like jumping on them).
And so the list can go on the many problems a bad mattress can cause us.

Maintaining the mattress

  • If your mattress is in sight in poor condition or is over 10 years of use, it is recommended impending change. By contrast, even when the mattress is newly acquired, its maintenance is very important.
  • As a recommendation, always use a cover or mattress cover, in addition to the bedding. Do not sleep on a mattress uncovered, since when it spot you sweat and that the mattress will deteriorate even faster. Change bedding every other day or at least once a week.
  • Each you can, take your mattress to the sun, or at least try to ventilate the room windows open, and, if possible, with some direct sunlight to kill the mites and odors. Another idea to eliminate bacteria and odor is to spray them with disinfectant sprays and vacuuming them whenever possible.
  • In addition, you must rotate and turn the mattress every 15 days or at least once a month, so wear it occurs evenly. Try not to sit on their edges and, of course, remind children that the mattress is to sleep and rest, not to play over it like a trampoline.
  • If you clean the mattress regularly and try to give you the proper use, you can keep the mattress in good condition for much longer.

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