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What solutions can we apply to reduce noise pollution?

noise pollution
Having a space dedicated to silence can bear fruit every time we want to escape the noises that make us feel uncomfortable and reduce the quality of life. The empty spaces can guarantee up to 100% of soundproof areas.

Install cubicles and wall partitions

In places with large free space, such as offices and other large rooms in the home, the divisions of walls and the use of cubicles will reduce the total noise inside. The cubicles and wall partitions act as noise absorbers and are very effective.

Close the door

Closing the door avoids unpleasant sounds, especially if you have noisy neighbors. If there are appliances that produce loud noises, such as dishwashers, blenders and washing machines, you can make them work in separate rooms and close the door to isolate the noise.

Cancel or mask the noise

The cancellation or masking of noise is one of the simplest and most practical techniques to reduce noise pollution. It is achieved by creating pleasant sounds to cancel the unpleasant ones. It can simply be done by turning on a fan. For most people, it may seem contradictory, but it is an effective solution for proven noise pollution to mask or cancel annoying sounds. In addition, there are white noise machines that can facilitate cancellation or masking.

Choose a house in noise-free areas

Moving away from noisy areas can also be qualified as a practical way or solution to reduce noise pollution. It may seem extreme, but moving from areas such as airports, train stations, industrial districts and major highways can greatly reduce noise levels.

Replacement of old cars with new ones

Old cars are a major source of noise pollution. They create unpleasant and very strong sounds. Its replacement by new ones will be of great help as a solution to reduce noise pollution. It will also reduce the emission of soot and toxic substances into the atmosphere.

Create awareness and education about the consequences of noise pollution

The creation of awareness about noise pollution and its effects on human beings and life in nature can generate positive results as a solution to reduce noise pollution. Perhaps if most people could be aware that noise pollution can lead to hearing loss and mental stress, then most will put into practice ways to reduce noise pollution.

Declare silent zones in the hospital, school and residential areas.

The horns of trucks, buses and automobiles produce a considerable degree of noise pollution and, as such, the introduction of a noise-free zone can help reduce noise pollution in hospitals, schools and residential areas.

Let’s be good neighbors

Being a good neighbor, avoid having loud music, barking dogs or noisy parties, among others. Keeping these controls can make your neighbor do the same, which eventually contributes to an easy and practical way to reduce noise pollution.

Pressure the relevant authority or government authorities to introduce noise regulation policies. Government and municipal authorities are in a privileged position to introduce policies that can help reduce noise pollution through effective solutions.

Laws should limit the amount of noise in public and private places to reduce noise pollution. Policies can also be integrated into the construction of transport networks and activities such as low-noise road surfaces, low-noise pathways, redesigning streets, imposing speed limits and reducing traffic volume .

These have been some of the solutions that exist to reduce noise pollution. Many can be put into practice easily and make our environment a more peaceful and pleasant place to live.

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