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What you should know for a green garden lawn

As we discussed in previous articles, it is advisable to have an organic garden, a garden that will greatly facilitate the daily care of yourself and help you to save at all times.
What you should know for a green garden lawn
Today we continue to build tricks and ideas, to simply change your ecological garden. To put this in the previous article we ended up talking for solar street lamps and the consequences of overuse of fertilizers.
It is advisable to cover the ground at the foot of the plants, with different materials, as they can be shredded pine bark, compost, peat, compost, grass, leaves, pine needles, among others. This technique is called padding or mulching.
The padding technique provides various benefits such as reduced occurrence of bad weeds, protect your plants from moisture evaporation, and in the case of organic mulches, we will provide nutrients.
Place a mesh anti herb is also useful if you have rockery, shrubs, cactus and gravel roads in our garden. For an aesthetic anti grass on the mesh, we can use pine bark, Chinese or gravel.
You know that the grass is not recommended for organic gardening because it requires a high care, irrigation, profiles, mowing, fertilizing, reseeding, scarified or high control pests and others. However, you should not worry about it since you have many alternatives to grass.
If you maintain a good ecological garden instead of grass you should plant masses of shrubs, pine bark, pavers, gravel or decorative aggregates and ground cover plants. They require much less care than the lawn.
Finally, a recommendation to obtain a high control of pests both insects, fungi or viruses, there is nothing better than having a strong, vigorous plant. Moreover, keep in mind that there are plants that are partially repellent to pests, among which are herbs such as rue, sage, rosemary or lavender, and most common crop plants such as tarragon, mint, basil and thyme.

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