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Will Running a Business from Home Impact Your Property’s Value?

Without a doubt, the ongoing global health crisis has highlighted a lot of socio-economic realities that have made life hard for many Americans these past few years. Of all the issues that the pandemic has revealed, one of the most pressing facts is the insufficiency and instability of having only one source of income. This glaring realization has inspired a lot of people to look into the many different ways they can diversify their income and keep themselves from solely relying on their paychecks. Financial stability and a more diversified income are not the only things that have been encouraging more and more Americans to establish a small business or run an office out of their homes. It could also have financial benefits when it comes to selling the property.

financial benefits when it comes to selling the property

The good news for people considering this option is that the process of starting a new business has never been simpler. Governments across the country have streamlined the process of registering a new business in recent years. For instance, to register your business as a sole proprietorship, all you have to do is to find a business name that follows your state’s rules, get an employer identification number (EIN) and secure relevant paperwork such as business licenses, permits and zoning clearance. Similarly, forming and registering a business as an LLC comes down to 5 simple steps — most of which can be accomplished online. Filing your articles of organization and operating agreement can often be done through your state’s government website, so long as you secure a registered agent. Unfortunately, this straightforward process is not reflected in the way businesses can register as a corporation. To qualify as a corporation, businesses have to go through the tedious process of complicated tax filing, annual report submissions, board of directors assignments, and annual meetings. Nonetheless, the process of building a small, home-based business these days is far easier than before. And with a business set up, it may even increase the value of you property.

Of course, the process of building a home-based business goes beyond just finding the right organizational structure for you. You also have to consider certain factors when creating a home office for your business. These factors can include the amount of natural light your home office space can accommodate, the basic office fixtures you might need, the smart use of space that can enable you to entertain clients, and an interior design that can fuel creativity and promote productivity. To attain all of these things, you might have to consider a number of home improvement projects that can impact your property’s value in more ways than one.


For instance, an open floor plan that allows for more natural light and an inviting ambiance perfect for client meetings will increase your property’s worth. Kitchen updates and renovations for food-related home-based businesses can also double as a great investment that will increase the building’s value. You can also add an entire extra room dedicated to your business, which, while initially costly, could add value in the long term. Just make sure that room can be adapted to other uses once you move house. It is also worth noting that you may only recoup 50%-80% when you come to sell your property. If that is too much then reinventing a room, such as an attic, into a home office is a cost effective way to add value.


In contrast to these home improvement projects, the general wear and tear that your home may acquire from the business you plan on having could depreciate the value of your home. For example, if the business you are trying to build involves the shipping and distribution of products or would require you to entertain a few people every now and then, your floors would see more use and might end up requiring repairs more often than a typical home. The same can be said for all the spaces in your home that will be used much more because of your business.


There is no telling whether a home-based business can positively or negatively impact your property’s value. This is because price points can greatly vary depending on the kind of business you plan on establishing. However, as long as your revenue can make up for all the damages your home might get and build a budget that can improve your home, there will be little to no harm in running a business from home.

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