How to keep wooden furniture clean

Having products of wood at home is inevitable. So today I want to give you some tricks to keep the surface of the wooden furniture, mostly with things you have around you and let you look them in the best way possible.

Oil finishes are very popular today because they leave the natural look seen in the wood

Surface Cleaning

If wooden furniture are very dirty, you can refer you to hot water with a little liquid detergent and dry. Some recommend ammonia, but this product is very abrasive so you should use it in small doses and serves only for deep cleaning so you do not overdo it in the proportions.

The wood dust can also be removed by vacuuming since moisture tends sometimes to embed more. If this is your only option is removed immediately. If, over time, your wooden furniture with a layer of dirt and marked, try not to remove it with water because it is harmful. Clean the surface with a brush or material that will sweep away this moisture and then wipe immediately with a liquid abrasive and drying.

Scratches on wood

The wooden furniture repairs when it comes to scratches have hammers based solutions that can be found in the same color as the natural. If you can not find a bit of sanding a piece of this same timber and mix the resulting powder with a transparent rubber and add it into the cracks as putty. You’ll see that when dry break barely be noticeable.

Waxed furniture

A trick to waxing furniture is to mix two parts of beer, beeswax and two tablespoons of sugar. All these ingredients make the heat it as a paste and let cool. These tricks are very old and it does not hurt to know.

The pure beeswax is another attachment that allows recovering furniture wood aging giving a finish that protects and preserves much longer, sometimes they are attacked by mold that you can delete.

Oil finishes are very popular today because they leave the natural look seen in the wood. Really paint, unless the intention is often a crime as it loses its natural look that is unmatched. These also are environmentally friendly. Natural waxes finished surfaces offer from silky satin to protect from dust and making it easier to sanitize later.

With these tricks you can keep the surface of the wooden furniture like new.

By Lohan

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