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Yongsan Landmark Tower: The most expensive tower of the world!

In Seoul the most expensive tower in the world will be built soon, leaving the leadership of the highest to the splendid Burj Dubai Khalifa, less than 800 meters high.

Yongsan Landmark Tower The most expensive tower of the world!

The Yongsan Landmark Tower, whose work has just begun, will be only 500 meters high, for a total of 100 floors.

Inside you will enjoy a single allocation, especially for the technology, since its construction will be managed by the Korean giant Samsung Corporation.

The tower in question was designed by renowned architect Renzo Piano, who has endowed her with extraordinary amenities and services, such as the presence within the world’s fastest elevator.

The entire building, which will see the light in 2016, will have a total cost of over $ 2.5 billion.

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