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Zara Home Kids

In interior decoration I have already spoken on the odd occasion of Zara Home, which is the part dedicated to the home of this famous fashion firm that now also includes a special section to what the children’s decor. Let’s see what we find in Zara Home Kids.

Zara Home Kids

Zara Home Kids is just the section dedicated to the smallest home in Zara Home, where you will find everything about ideas for the bedroom of your children, and for the bathroom.


What can you find on the Zara Home Kids catalog:

Bedrooms: The main protagonists of this catalog of Zara will undoubtedly and children’s bedrooms for babies, which we find as the firm opts for what bedding is varied to suit all tastes and styles.

Zara Home Kids

Thus, we can find models like the one above. Decor and linens for the bedroom of a girl but all are predominantly pink tones. They call it “bed liberty” and the truth is that it is a curious detail to create a space for a child where everything seems made ​​to order, but has its own bedside table in a small compact size and comfortable.



On the other hand, we also have beds and bedrooms that Zara has created for children, as is the case of this image in which we again see a small room they call “dream bed “and in which we find shades move between white and blue. With a small table, and even a table and furniture to the sides of the bed to simulate certain recreation of what would be a bedroom for adults.



The beds and cots for babies also appear in this catalog of Zara Home Kids, and the firm opts for models that are quite classical and we can also carry any corner of the house or if we put our newborn with us at night.



In addition we also have cribs that are larger and occupy their own space, or we can integrate into the bedroom of another child as is the case in the picture above and the model has been called “bed moon.”



Bathroom: Bath For interesting proposals are also children in Zara Home Kids, as the firm has bathtubs that mimic the style of classical models we all know but at a reduced size as we see in this so-called “bath davenia”

In general it is a current collection since the firm was limited to creating all kinds of designs based on what we all have at home but this time to be used just for the little ones.

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