ZR48: a yacht-shaped Chevrolet Corvette

A boat of great sporty exclusivity that is depopulating the web because of its similarity to the race car.

We speak of the new yachts ZR48 just by Marine Technology, which in recent years is literally amazing the audience with her ​​creations.

ZR48 a yacht-shaped Chevrolet Corvette

The boat in question is clearly inspired by the sporty Chevrolet Corvette, home, and describes even some components. The ZR48 is powered by two powerful V8 biturbo engine, developed by Mercury, capable of delivering the maximum total power of 2,700 horses, bringing the speed boat absurd.

ZR48 a yacht-shaped Chevrolet Corvette

Just like racing cars, the ZR48 has been made ​​abundant use of carbon fiber, so as to reduce weight and boost performance.

On board, there is room for 6 passengers, who can enjoy excellent comfort, especially given the advanced technological systems.

For more information on the new ZR48 sport yachts, just visit the site marinetechnologyinc.

ZR48 a yacht-shaped Chevrolet Corvette

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